Welcome to my blog!

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I thought I would bring my passions of film, television and art together to present to you some of my many ideas and thoughts on contemporary, and a little older, movies, TV shows and art exhibitions.

I have an interest in film and television, past and present, so I will be reviewing and analysing a variety of genres and concepts which come to my attention and feel I want to explore. The ever so vague topic of ‘art’ can seem a stale subject to some. I will investigate and ask an audience, that may not have any interest in galleries or exhibitions, to take the chance to delve into some wonderful places and intriguing works!

My name is Celine (yes, that’s me waving in the pink shorts), I am a Glasgow based blogger and in my third year of studying Scottish Literature and Language. I have a passion for books, film, television, art, photography, music, travel, badminton and cheese. Just about all the typical interests a literature student has. I hope you will be intrigued by my blog and come visit once in a while to investigate what films to watch, Netflix series to binge and exhibitions to visit. After all, you can never have too many opinions on Breaking Bad…